A Gentle Introduction to LaTeX

The slides on this page are outdated. Please consider the newest course homepage for freshly updated course materials.
Oct, 5-7 2011
Announcement [pdf]:

This course occurred as a helpful place for latex newcomers at the Department of Statistics of the LMU Munich. Meanwhile, it became a free self-study guide for everyone interested in the beautiful typesetting capabilities of latex. The examples are considered central with the rest of the material explaining them. The contents of the whole web page are occasionally updated. I hope absolute beginners will complete their introductory steps with latex as painlessly as possible and will get back here once they forget all the nifty little tricks spread throughout the slides.

Course Agenda:

topic slides handout assignments solutions
1. introduction [pdf] [pdf] 01basics.pdf
2. mathematics [pdf] [pdf] 03maths.pdf
3. floating objects [pdf] [pdf] 05tables.pdf
06figures.pdf, [zip]
4. bibliography
with bibtex
[pdf] [pdf] 07bibexercise.pdf tex
5. presentations
with beamer
[pdf] [pdf] 08beamer.pdf tex
- Sweave [pdf] [pdf] sweave.[pdf]
extended.[pdf], [R]
- Starter kit zip ready-to-use structure

Supporting material

  • Auto-generate R package citations: link, [R], Usage
  • boldify.[R], [Rnw], [pdf]
  • jss-bibliographystyle for German texts: jss_de.[bst], [zip]
  • dcu-bibliographystyle: dcu.[bst],


  • BaKoMa TeX: A convenient latex-editor which makes life easier.
  • Professional explanations of common latex structures by Uwe Siart (in German).
  • A catalog of frequent latex errors (in German) [pdf].
  • A neat overview of frequently used math symbols: Art of Problem Solving.
  • The Comprehensive latex symbol list: [pdf].
  • The natbib package in use.
  • A tool to manupulate bibtex files: bibtool [pdf].
  • Produce nicer tables: booktabs package link1, link2; tabularx package [pdf].
  • The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network Search: Dante Search, yet another package search engine.

Sweave references

Recommended literature