Bicluster Structures

Biclustering -- simultaneous clustering of rows and columns -- is an important new technique in two-way data analysis. Though the idea has been around for 30 years, there has been a huge development in algorithms since 2000. Many of the algorithms discovered deal with different kinds of bicluster problems, especially relating to the expected outcome or structure.

One of the problems raised is not only finding the best algorithm, but knowing which algorithm should be used under which conditions. So our work is pursuing two goals: to develop a general framework for model-based biclustering and also to benchmark popular algorithms.

In addition to theoretical investigations, we are developing an open-source reference implementation within R -- an environment for statistical computing and graphics. State-of-the-art algorithms will be made available through a uniform and convenient user interface. Also common normalization, discretisation, visualization methods and some newly developed validation methods will be implemented. The ultimate goal is to create an all-encompassing toolbox for bicluster calculation, visualization and validation.

LMU Project Members

International Cooperations

R Packages

  • biclust: Biclustering in R
    A general framework for Biclustering in R. The main function biclust provides several algorithms to find biclusters in two-dimensional data: Cheng and Church, Spectral, Plaid Model, Xmotifs and Bimax. In addition, the package provides methods for data preprocessing (normalization and discretisation), visualization, and validation of bicluster solutions.


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    Technical Report unter:


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