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Dr. Gunther Schauberger

Who will relegate? A statistical analysis of the relegation struggle in the German Bundesliga 2015/2016 based on bookmakers' odds

Relegation Probabilities


Doctoral Thesis

Conference Contributions:

  • Schauberger, Gunther and Groll, Andreas (2016): Modeling Football Results in Penalized Ordinal Bradley-Terry Models Including Match-specific Covariates, Abstract Book of the 4th Joint Statistical Meeting DAGStat 2016

Technical Reports:


Extended Ordered Paired Comparison Models - An Application to the Data from Bundesliga Season 2013/14

Prediction model for the FIFA World Cup 2014


  • EffectStars: Provides functions to visualize regression models with categorical predictors by Effect Stars
  • DIFlasso: A packages to perform DIFlasso, a method to detect Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in Rasch Models
  • DIFboost: Performs detection of Differential Item Functioning using the method DIFboost

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